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As a small charity we rely on people taking part in organised events or running their own events to help raise the vital funds needed to continue with the research which will bring us closer to effective treatments and eventually a cure for CMD. Have a look at our EVENTS section for some ideas!

Itís quick and easy to set up an online Justgiving page to help with your fundraising, or you can download a sponsor form if you prefer. Please remember that the charity can benefit from an additional 25% on every donation from UK taxpayers so please ask your donors to complete the relevant information!

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SAMís Supporters

As SAM is a zero cost charity everyone involved gives their time, expertise, products and services. We are so very grateful to everyone who has helped us to maintain this zero cost basis - this enables us to direct 100% of the money we raise to the critical research which will bring the hope of a cure one step closer.

To all of the businesses who have so kindly donated their products and services, the SAM Committee, all those who have run events, our friends and supporters we thank you most sincerely.


Celebrity Endorsements


Actor - James Nesbitt "I am delighted to support the S.A.M. campaign, and I urge everyone to give their support to this worthy cause.

Muscular Dystrophy is a devastating and cruel disease which steals the lives of these children, and robs families of their hopes and dreams.

Please - tell your friends, family and colleagues about the campaign, donate whatever you can, and help us to work towards a better understanding of Muscular Dystrophy and a cure for Sam and all the other children who are in the grips of this disease.

By working together we can help give these kids and their families the hope of a brighter future."
James Nesbitt


EMMA-LOUISE JOHNSTON - TV Presenter, Reporter & Producer

Actor - James Nesbitt"I am delighted to support Struggle Against Muscular Dystrophy. The stories of these children who are facing such an enormous battle against this cruel muscle-wasting disease have moved and inspired me. They - and their families - deserve the hope of a better future - a future without suffering and pain.

The only way to make that dream a reality is to help S.A.M. fund crucial research into the disease and to find an effective treatment before time runs out.

These children do not have the luxury of time, so we must act now... S.A.M. is a zero cost charity - so in these difficult financial times you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every pound you donate will be used to fund research.

Please help change these children's lives."
Emma-Louise Johnston



Actor - James Nesbitt"When I was asked to get involved with the S.A.M. campaign,  I had heard of Muscular Dystrophy but didn't really know too much about it.  It is tragic to hear that so many children are suffering in relative silence from his terrible muscle wasting disease.

With every year that passes hundreds more kids are dying from Muscular  Dystrophy and many thousands have their lives severely limited by the disabilities it causes.

S.A.M. is aiming to help change this by raising the profile of Muscular  Dystrophy and getting us to dig deep into our hearts and pockets for the cause.

Help S.A.M. to fund the vital research needed to find treatments and ultimately a cure for Muscular Dystrophy. "
Pete Snodden

TERRY BRADLEY - Irish Artist

Local Artist - Terry Bradley"I was devastated when I heard the news that William and Tracy's little boy, Sam, had been diagnosed with this incurable muscle wasting disease.

I am also shocked and saddened that so few people know about the existence of something so terrible which effects so many children.

To date, muscular dystrophy has gone largely unrecognised in terms of public awareness and funding.

Please tell everyone you know about this - spread the word and donate whatever you can to this worthy cause, and bring hope of  a cure one step closer. "
Terry Bradley